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I’m not normally one of those “omg J Dilla is a God” people, even though I love the guy’s work and he’s one of my favorite producers. I don’t need to wear a shirt with the man’s silhouette on it to show my appreciation.

But after reading this, I may start.  My whole outlook was turned upside-down today when I read ?uestlove’s account at Rappers I Know, of how Dilla flipped a beat with a seemingly un-sample-able sample.

The story involves ?uesto, Jay Dee, and Pete Rock (super-producer trio right there, huh?), blizzards in Detroit, and a display of humility and humbleness that is rare in life, not just hip-hop.

So if you were ever sitting in front of your MPC and thought the sample you were using was impossible to work with, take a look at this story to see how Dilla handled the same situation.

Read: Questlove vs. Jay Dee: The “Little Brother” Beat Story (via Rappers I Know)


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These are the two giants in hip-hop whose opinions I value highly, and both gave some great insight to Obama’s victory last night. I definitely think you should watch ?uesto’s clip, as there’s a good message in there about not riding on high too long and to make sure we really enact change with this victory.


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