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photo: aznightbuzz/AZ Daily Star

You probably heard by now that The University of Arizona recently put on a concert that had a $1.4 million budget. That’s a lot money for a student group to be granted to put on a show. Of the trio of performers (Third Eye Blind, Kelly Clarkson and Jay-Z), Hov commanded a reported $750,000 for the show.

The word yesterday is that the show was significantly undersold, and the university is taking a huge hit. A $917K hit. It’s so bad that the university is tapping into emergency funds and taking revenue from the bookstore to compensate.

I think the best part about this story is that everyone’s blaming this “flop” on the economy. Maybe it plays a part, but it’s pretty obvious it was poor event planning that did it. They were expecting to fill the stadium (30,000 seats), but didn’t even sell 7,000 tickets, and gave away 4,400 more.

I used to live in Arizona, and to put a million dollar concert on in Tucson doesn’t make much sense. The event organizers had to know the stadium wasn’t going to be filled with U of A students alone, as there’s barely 30,000 undergrads at the university. Clearly, they were banking on people to make the trip to Tucson.

There’s one problem with that: Tucson is 2 hours from the Phoenix metro area (where everyone in AZ lives practically). No one’s making that trip on a Wednesday night with money they don’t have.

Despite all that: it’s still a college show. It’s not Brooklyn, it’s not MSG, it’s not a one-night-only at Radio City Music Hall: it’s Tucson, Arizona.

On the bright side, it looked like it was a good show and Hov gave them their “money’s worth.”

Hit the jump for a video of a dead crowd from the concert. You’re in John McCain’s home state, Hov, that’s why no one was singing with you…

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