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I noticed a lot of people were lookin’ for this. The stage was pretty ill I thought. This was one of the few brighter spots of the VMA’s.


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First off, Leona Lewis singing the Nina Simone sampled hook on the song was great (video above). I’m actually happy this will be the next single from Tha Carter III probably.

And that’s where the greatness of the VMA’s ended. Holy shit were they awful. Yeah, I said it. I don’t like to think that I’m getting old and the push of young pop music was lost on me, because that part of it wasn’t even bad. And I’m young, damn…

Britney Spears taking the VMA moonman for Video of the Year was pretty puzzling. Kanye’s performance was kind of cool, but we still gotta hear more before I can say anything.

Not to mention hip-hop was extremely minimized this year. It really felt to me like it was the VMA’s sometime in the 90’s before hip-hop really exploded into a mainstream giant. And finally, if I do say, that for the sake of the integrity of the VMA’s, that MTV needs to decide whether they’re choosing winners based on the merits of the video, the popularity of the song, or a combination of both.


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Weezy dropped a video blog last night from his rehearsal at the VMAs. He says he’s lookin’ for a date.


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